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Tecnokrom manufactures fully customized products
exclusively for B2B clients
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Design Furniture
and Top Segment Wooden Floors
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We invest in Research and Development to offer customized and highly technological solutions to our customers and interior designers of the design and wooden floors markets, with great attention to environmental sustainability and the wellbeing of our collaborators.


There is no stop to our commitment to Research and Development towards the excellence of our products. Nevertheless we remain loyal to our territory, to our history and to the Italian aesthetic.

Silver effect blue finishing

Posted 11-05-2017

Today we are working on silver effect, on lacquered base. We choose blue finishing. Continue

Ideas for the living

Posted 21-04-2017

This year at the Salone del Mobile.Milano, the living area, was full of clean lines highlighted by finishing with glossy and bold colors with strong... Continue

We have been to the Salone del Mobile Milano

Posted 13-04-2017

We have been to the Salone del Mobile.Milano and to the Fuori Salone. What have we been impressed by this year ?Firstly the return of the wood,... Continue

Environment and health

Respect and protection for the environment and our health is one of our main objectives. All of the Tecnokrom products have always been formulated in accordance with the...Read more

Finishing Wood

With its research over the years, Tecnokrom has been dedicated and committed to developing special finishing processes that can transform the aesthetic perception of...Read more

Sartoria del colore

Our “Sartoria del colore” is a container especially designed to create customized, innovative and high quality products. Our ability to create unique relationships with...Read More


Customizable dependiong on the application, installations and effect you want to achieve...Read more

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